Organization & School Culture

Ak Lu’um is a non-profit foundation without private owners. Waldorf schools are part of an international movement but not of a regulated organization. Schools are twinned through the implementation of Waldorf pedagogy and curriculum and convinced that this education will help children to be responsible adults, free in their thinking and strong in their will.

There is no director; instead, the responsibility of leading the school is embraced by the faculty of teachers and staff. They make decisions regarding the social, administrative and pedological. They also study Waldorf pedagogy together. The Teacher Association is composed of experienced faculty members, committed to the fate of the school. This group is the one who regulates educational policies and the administration of human and material resources.

Where to go with Questions?

Questions about the curriculum, discipline, homework, work or volunteer work in class and education Waldorf:
Grade Teacher

Questions about school policies, procedures, rules and teacher performance:
Area Coordinator

Questions about financial matters, registration, tuition, scholarships, donations, appointments, calendar and budget:

Questions about how the school works and how it could work better, event organization, community, fundraising, development plan:
College of Teachers