We are raising funds to buy the land our school is in. Please help by donating and telling your friends and family to support us. Thank You!

Ak Lu’um Waldorf School is located 6 km. south of Playa del Carmen’s center, before Xcaret. The school was built as a carefully thought out ecological site in the jungle. We are using many traditional materials, techniques and design. The organic nature of our project is reflected in the main school buildings and independent spaces that blend into the surrounding jungle without losing sight of safety. Our permanent site inaugurated in 2008 will continue to be developed. We only use solar power and aim to recycle much of our waste. Organic material is all composted and there is a recycling collection point for recyclable materials. Parents are encouraged to follow the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

In Ak Lu’um you will find:

  • Kindergarten classrooms, resourced with organic materials (i.e. wooden blocks, baskets, fabric, bolts, nuts, ropes, shells, etc.) and ready access to water.
  • Primary classrooms with musical instruments and reading areas. The classrooms are large, cool and well ventilated.
  • Kindergarten Playground, which includes a wooden climbing frame, sandpit and playhouse.
  • Primary Playground with climbing frames, a basketball hoop and open spaces, also used for Games.
  • Multipurpose grassy area
  • A kitchen garden used as part of the curriculum to study plants and grow food for school lunch.
  • The dome: an acoustic space for singing, drama and festivals.
  • A coop, which holds chickens and turkeys, and a pond, home to fish and turtles. The observation and care of these animals is part of the learning program.
  • An office and storerooms
  • Handwork and Art spaces
  • A nature trail within the school property.
  • Bread oven and barbecue, and parent social areas.

School store: Mariposas en la Panza (Butterflies in my Tummy) selling books, handwork and other Waldorf material.