Young children are filled with wonder. They see beauty and purpose in everything. They are curious about all that comes to meet them. It is this natural sense of wonder that opens young children to the world around them. Children learn about life first by seeing and then by imitating what they see. Therefore great care is taken to surround them with as many life-filled experiences as possible. Free play, singing games, stories, puppet shows, crafts, baking, gardening, nature walks, eurythmy, painting and beeswax modeling are natural activities for children from 2 to 6. The foundation for later learning is firmly laid through imitative play.

As children enter Primary we can see in them a new and vivid life of imagination, and alongside this a readiness for more formal learning. They both express and experience life through finely tuned and delicate feelings. As the child moves through these years, the faculty for more sequential and logical thought begins to unfold, but it needs to be handled carefully since imagination is what the child needs to develop at this time.