I. Pedagogical Meetings: Parents are expected to attend Pedagogical Meetings throughout the year. This is an opportunity for teachers and parents to meet and explore Waldorf education and their child’s stages of development.

II. Personal Development: There are lectures and workshops throughout the year delivered by experts on Waldorf education, health, or ecology etc. open both to teachers and to parents. If you are one of the experts, come forth! Parents are expected to come into school and work on deepening their understanding of Waldorf Pedagogy.

III. Study Groups: Occasionally a study group is organized by staff, mentors or parents. We can meet to discuss and learn about Waldorf education and Anthroposophy.

IV. Social Events: Occasionally the school organizes social events for the sole purpose of spending a pleasant afternoon together.

V. Class Meetings: The parents and class teacher will meet to discuss class-related issues and to strengthen their partnership.

VI. Fundraising Events: Tuition payments allow underprivileged children to benefit from this healing pedagogy. However as a Waldorf school we also rely on fundraising to meet our running costs. There are different events throughout the year, such as our 5K Spring Race and Family Beach Day, organized and supported by parents and staff.

VII. School Trips: Occasionally parents are invited to accompany school outings.

VIII. Skill Sharing: Parents are strongly encouraged to share their skills and knowledge by visiting the classroom and volunteering in school.

IX. Parent Committees: Several parent committees have been set up, allowing open communication between staff and parents. Amongst these are a parent welcome committee, a website committee and a committee looking at ways of supporting the school through fund-raising.

X. School circular: This is published weekly and sent out by e-mail. A copy is also displayed on the office notice board, and outside preschool classrooms and the primary playground.

XI. Weekly Waldorf Handicraft & Market: A group of parents gather to make materials for the classrooms and talk about Waldorf education and parenting. Weekly Wednesday Farmer’s market.