"Aquel que trabaja con sus manos es un obrero. El que trabaja con sus manos y su cabeza es un artesano. El que trabaja con sus manos, su cabeza y su corazón es un artista ".

San Francisco de Asís.

Ak Lu’um Waldorf School is based on the anthroposophical teachings of humanist philosopher Rudolf Steiner. With the aim of educating free human beings we believe in supporting the child’s natural stages of development. We use the beauty and truth of the environment as a formative force in the child’s world, encouraging keen observation and reverence for life. Teachers are dedicated to kindling an inner enthusiasm for learning within each child. All subjects are presented in an imaginative and dynamic way, which removes the need for competitive testing or rewards-based motivation. The children are motivated from within (as indeed they will need to be as adults), and are able to gain the capacity for enjoyment in life-long learning.

At Ak Lu’um we believe education in the family and in school -a child’s second home- is the key to change. A fundamental change is clearly needed if we are to live in a harmonious, non-destructive manner. This is our Waldorf philosophy: A healing curriculum that is rooted in a deep understanding of the human being, strengthening the connection to the rhythms of nature and the faculties that highlight our humanity.

We are working towards:

  • Vigorous family and community life

  • A healthy unfolding of childhood

  • Joy in the learning process

  • Education focused on wholeness in body, soul and spirit

  • Intellectual excellence, imagination, strong memory, and problem solving skills

  • Viable alternatives to high-stress testing

  • Age-appropriate use of the media

  • Training of ethical and moral judgment

  • Beauty of the environment as a formative force in the child’s world

Our education combines solid human values with a sense of wonder for the world around us that truly speaks to the child’s emerging personality, and equips him or her with the imagination, flexibility and inner strength to face a fast-changing world. Our goals are to create and nurture:

A Waldorf school and community that can integrate children from varied economic and cultural backgrounds and where teachers, children, and parents can support and educate each other.

A non-profit, quality school that welcomes children of all learning abilities, and teaches to their heads, hearts, and hands.

A self-sustaining school where all members of the community can learn about and develop ecological strategies for the future.

We aim to encourage openness of heart, mind, and spirit in a multi-cultural environment. We look to sow the seeds of positive, ethical, independent, and compassionate attitudes for life. This in turn requires qualified, talented, experienced and well-prepared teachers and parents who are committed to changing the world.