The school ethos has to agree with home values so we urge parents to read the handbook carefully and clear any doubts they may have during the interview. The key to successful education is for the school and family to work TOGETHER. Prospective parents are asked to an interview with the teacher and coordinator and their child is invited to spend several school days at Ak Lu’um. Admission is subject to a complete interview with parents and an evaluation of the child’s current skills, knowledge and social and emotional well-being. Parents are also required to comply with S.E.P. admission paperwork should they wish their child to be incorporated. We remind prospective families to furnish the school with all relevant reports, diagnoses, medical evaluations etc. when attending interview. Often the teacher will visit the child at home to strengthen home-school links and aid a complete understanding of the child.

Ak Lu´um is keen for the education and community here to be available to everyone regardless of background, race, religion or social class. We are aware that for some the tuition fees are not easily affordable, and for this reason, we have in place two schemes of bursaries for committed families who are unable to meet the financial costs of the schooling.

A) A scholarship program for children from underprivileged backgrounds

B) Temporary Tuition assistance for families encountering financial challenges.

The process begins with a visit to the school to meet the teachers and see the campus. The parents then send a family biography and have a first interview with their child’s teacher. The child spends a week at school at the end of which parents and teacher meet again to decide together if the school and the family are a good fit.

In order to do the trial week, the inscription fee must be paid. If the child were to not remain in Ak lu’um this fee will be refunded (minus 10% administrative fee).